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Verify your identity, your age, and anyone you meet.

It's Fast + Easy

Create an identity profile in minutes that leverages the credibility of your mobile phone number, email address, and state-issued ID or driver's license.

It's Digital + Safe.

Verify identity of yourself and others whenever you need to by logging in online, or from our mobile app. Eliminate the risk and inconvenience associated with handing, copying, or mailing your driver's license information.

It's Up To You.

Decide who to share your identity profile with, and get a record of every request. We never transmit or store an image of your state ID or driver's license, and you can update or delete your identity profile at any time

Build an online business or community that people trust.

Get uverifyID for Business

  • Streamline business processes.
  • Create credible, safe online communities.
  • Verify eligibility for age-restricted purchases & services.
  • It's FREE!

Create Your Identity Profile in Minutes

1. Create Your Profile

Signup with your e-mail and create a password. uverifyID uses a 2-factor login for added security.

2.Take a selfie.

Take a quick photo of yourself. uverifyID will match the selfie against the picture on your state-issued ID.

3.Verify yourself.

Scan your state ID or driver’s license with the camera on your phone. uverifyID will verify and authenticate the information on the document.