uverifyID is a simple, easy, and secure Identity as a Service app (IDaaS) for consumers. It allows you to verify your identity and check the identity of others digitally and conveniently, without compromising sensitive data.
When you sign up, a two-factor authentication process confirms your mobile phone number and email address. You’ll also scan your state-issued ID so that we can validate your name, city, state, and DOB month and year. And you’ll be required to take a selfie, which we compare to the picture that’s on your state-issued ID. All information that has been validated during the enrollment process is then added to your personal uverifyID identity profile.
You can make changes to the information that’s in your identity profile, including your selfie, at any time. If you’d like to update your selfie, you’ll be asked to re-scan your state-issued ID to ensure that your selfie matches the picture on your ID.
It is not possible to use our service if your identity has not been verified. Anyone using the uverifyID service must first complete all of the required enrollment steps in order to create their identity profile. During enrollment, we confirm that every individual presents a valid, non expired, state-issued ID which matches the selfie that is captured. We also confirm everyone’s phone and email address via 2-factor authentication.
Our service exists to protect your privacy and provide greater peace of mind by removing the risk associated with physically handling, copying, mailing and transmitting sensitive data. When you scan the front and back of your state-issued ID, we check the validity of your ID; and we verify your name, city, state, and DOB month and year. We also compare the picture that’s on your state-issued ID to the selfie that you take. As soon as we have verified that you are who you say you are, we delete the scanned license from our database. Your name, selfie, city, state, DOB month and year are then added to your personal ID profile. Our business is NOT to store, share, or sell your identity to anyone. You are the owner of your identity profile on uverifyID, and you retain all the rights to control and decide how you want to share your identity.
When you sign up for uverifyID, the email address that you supply is used as a unique identifier to establish your user profile. Once an identity profile is associated with your email address, you are able to send and receive identity information with this profile, which includes confirming your own identity and checking the identity of others. If you have more than one email address, you may create a new (seperate) identity profile for each email address that you own. When you do this, you’ll need to follow our standard enrollment process for each email address. The cost of enrolling each email address, and scanning your state-issued ID with selfie-matching, is $0.99 per transaction. Alternatively, you may delete an identity profile associated with an email address that is disabled or no longer in use at no cost, and at any time.
You can delete your identity profile by logging in to your account on www.uverifyID.com. Under your profile, click options>delete profile. Deleting your profile from our platform will remove your dob year, selfie, and location. All identity transactions that were performed during the course of using our service must be retained to preserve historical data integrity. This includes all identity requests that you sent and approved or declined while using our service. If you decide to use our services again, you may re-enroll with the email address that you previously used by following our standard enrollment procedure.


Head over to the Contact Us page on our website and let us know what’s going on. We will look into the matter for you right away and respond as soon as possible.
There are several reasons that your credit card may have been declined, such as insufficient funds, an incorrect card number, CIN number, or expiration date; or your billing address does not correspond with the card number that was entered. Please try processing your payment again, or try using an alternate payment card. If you are still unable to process a payment, please contact your payment card issuer for assistance.


Head over to the Contact Us page on our website and let us know what’s going on. We will look into the matter for you right away and respond as soon as possible.