Welcome to Identity as a Service for consumers.

When it's really you, there's so much you can do.

Get Instant

  • Use your identity profile online, and in person. To sign up, you'll need a valid email address and mobile phone number, and a current (non-expired) state-issued ID. Oh, and you'll need to take a quick selfie.
  • Login to uverifyID online or download the mobile app to manage your identity from anywhere.
  • Enjoy unlimited requests. Verify your own identity, and the identity of others, 24/7/365.

It's up to You.

  • Update or delete your identity profile at any time.
  • You decide which business and individuals to share your information with.
  • Review every identity request that you receive; approve or decline it; and keep a record of every request.
  • Verify your identity without the risk associated with handling or transmitting actual state-issued identity documents.
  • Quickly and digitally confirm:
    • Name
    • Nearest or Actual City
    • State
    • DOB year
    • Above 21 Status
    • Cell Phone Carrier
    • eMail Address Validation
    • State-Issued Photo ID Validation
    • Selfie Match Score

Create Your Identity Profile in Minutes.

1. Create your profile.

Sign up with your e-mail and create a password. uverifyID uses a 2-factor login for added security.

2. Take a selfie.

Take a quick photo of yourself. uverifyID will match the selfie against-issued ID.

3. Verify yourself.

Scan your state ID or driver’s license with the camera on your phone. uverifyID will verify and authenticate the information on the document.