Create digital experiences that people trust.

Verify someones identity on your site, app, or digital community whenever you need to.

  • Pre-verified identity credentials.

    We verify everything, so you don't have to. There's no need to send messages to confirm phone number or email address when someone registers, logs in, or resets their password. Boost account openings and delight online users with less hoops and less hassle.

  • Strong user validation and age verification.

    Prevent fraud (and eliminate fake users) with our identity service. We confirm someone's true identity by verifying their name, DOB year, over 21 status, email, phone, location; and we require a valid state-issued ID, which we compare to their selfie

  • Convenient, risk-free, digital processes.

    Verify identity and age digitally and safely without the risk, complexity, and inconvenience associated with identity checks. There's no need to text, email, copy, send or handle driver's license information; and there's no need to collect, encrypt or transmit private consumer data online. We've done all the work for you.

Leverage the credibility of pre-verified identity with uverifyID for Business.

Higher assurance. Less Hassle.




Register new accounts

Verify identity and over 21 status when someone new signs up or creates an account. There's no need to send email or text confirmation messages, fewer pending accounts, and no fake end-users.

Login + Reset Password

Prevent stolen passwords and unauthorized account access by adding the login with uverifyID button to your site. Eliminate the need to remember, manage, or reset passwords.

Certified Profile Pictures

Improve credibility and authenticity in your online community. Give members on your site the option to certify profile pictures that they upload.

With plug + play id verification, there's so much you can do.

Existing Account Verification

Boost identity assurance levels in your existing user population and manage behavior in your online community with identity verification requests.

Identity Scoring

Enhance application and approval processes on your site with identity scoring, a customizable rating scale that measures identity assurance levels.

Think of the possibilities

Identity+ age verification use cases:

  • Social Networks
  • Online Communities
  • Online Marketplaces + Classifieds
  • Online Dating
  • Lease & Rental Agreements
  • Sharing Economy
  • Adult-only content and services online
  • Age restricted purchases
  • Screening independent subcontractors, childcare providers, & healthcare providers

Turn up the volume & get creative with uverifyID for Enterprise

uverifyID for Enterprise

Verify identity of customers, end-users and employees for any business process, at any scale, with enterprise licensing and volume pricing packages.

Scalable, high-volume identity + age verification for:

  • customers
  • employees
  • end-users

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